Proteins involved in RNA modification

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Traditional Name Full name Synonym GI Orf COG UniProt Structures (PDB id)



Complex Enzyme Type Organism
TsaB tRNA N6-threonylcarbamoyladenosine(37) synthesis protein YeaZ 16129761 COG1214 P76256 1OKJ
t:37 t6A
TsaBDE endopeptidase Escherichia coli
TsaC tRNA N6-threonylcarbamoyladenosine(37) synthesis protein RimN, yrdC 2851671 COG0009 P45748 1HRU
t:37 t6A
threonylcarbamoyladenosine synthetase Escherichia coli
TsaD tRNA N6-threonylcarbamoyladenosine(37) synthesis protein YgjD 16130960 COG0533 P05852
t:37 t6A
TsaBDE threonylcarbamoyltransferase Escherichia coli
TsaE UPF0079 ATP-binding protein ydiB YdiB 16077658 COG0802 O05515
ATPase Bacillus subtilis
TsaE tRNA N6-threonylcarbamoyladenosine(37) synthesis protein YjeE 16131990 COG0802 P0AF67
t:37 t6A
TsaBDE ATPase Escherichia coli
Tsr rRNA (adenosine-2'-O-)-methyltransferase Thiostrepton Resistance 23S rRNA methyltransferase 136456 tsr COG0566 P18644 3GYQ
l:1067(1067) Am
methyltransferase Streptomyces cyaneus
TtcA tRNA 2-thiocytidine(32) synthetase YdaO 2495598 b1344 COG0037 P76055
t:32 s2C
thiolase Escherichia coli
TtuA tRNA-two-thiouridine synthesizing protein A TT_C0106 46198414 COG0037 Q72LF3
t:54 m5s2U
sulfurtransferase Thermus thermophilus
Tum1 Thiosulfate sulfurtransferase TUM1 51012915 COG2897 Q08686
thiosulfate sulfurtransferase Saccharomyces cerevisiae
TusA tRNA 2-thiouridine(34) synthase sirA, yhhP 16131342 COG0425 P0A890 3LVK, 3LVJ, 1DCJ
sulfurtransferase Escherichia coli
TusB tRNA 2-thiouridine(34) synthase yheL 16131222 COG2168 P45530 2D1P
TusBCD Escherichia coli
TusC tRNA 2-thiouridine(34) synthase yheM 16131223 COG2923 P45531 2D1P
TusBCD Escherichia coli
TusD tRNA 2-thiouridine(34) synthase yheN 16131224 COG1553 P45532 2D1P
TusBCD sulfurtransferase Escherichia coli
TusE tRNA 2-thiouridine synthesizing protein E yccK 90111197 COG2920 P0AB18
sulfurtransferase Escherichia coli
Uba4 Adenylyltransferase and sulfurtransferase UBA4 NCS3 6321903 COG0476 P38820
adenylyltransferase, sulfurtransferase Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Urm1 Ubiquitin-related modifier 1 45270480 COG5131 P40554
thiosulfate sulfurtransferase Saccharomyces cerevisiae
WBSCR22 18S rRNA (guanine-N(7))-methyltransferase MERM1, BUD23 21552765
s:1639(1338) m7G
WBSCR22-TRMT112 methyltransferase Homo sapiens
WDR4 tRNA (guanine-N(7)-)-methyltransferase subunit WDR4 16445428 COG2319 P57081
TRMB/WDR4 Homo sapiens
aTrm56 tRNA (cytidine(56)-2'-O)-methyltransferase PH0461 14590372 COG1303 O58214 2YY8
t:56 Um
methyltransferase Pyrococcus horikoshii
aTrm56 tRNA (cytidine(56)-2'-O)-methyltransferase 14521775 PAB1040 COG1303 Q9UYD1
t:56 Cm
methyltransferase Pyrococcus abyssi