Proteins involved in RNA modification

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COG UniProt Structures (PDB id) Position | Modification type Complex
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Traditional Name Full name Synonym GI Orf COG UniProt Structures (PDB id)



Complex Enzyme Type Organism
TrmI tRNA (adenine(58)-N(1))-methyltransferase TrmI TT_C0244 46198552 COG2519 Q8GBB2 2PWY
t:58 m1A
methyltransferase Thermus thermophilus
TrmI tRNA (adenine(58)-N(1))-methyltransferase TrmI Rv2118c, MT2178 81669088 COG2519 O33253 1I9G
t:58 m1A
methyltransferase Mycobacterium tuberculosis
TrmJ tRNA (cytidine(32)/uridine(32)-2′-O)-methyltransferase YfhQ, JW2516 83287928 b2532 COG0565 P0AE01 4CND, 4CNE
t:32 Um
t:32 Cm
methyltransferase Escherichia coli
TrmJ tRNA (cytidine(32)-2′-O)-methyltransferase Saci_0621 70606436 COG0565 Q4JB16 4CNF, 4CNG
t:32 Cm
methyltransferase Sulfolobus acidocaldarius
TrmK tRNA (adenine(22)-N(1))-methyltransferase 332278123 YqfN P54471
t:22 m1A
methyltransferase Bacillus subtilis
TrmL tRNA (cytidine(34)-2′-O)-methyltransferase YibK 16131477 b3606, JW3581 COG0219 P0AGJ7 4JAK, 4JAL
t:34 Cm
t:34 cmnm5Um
methyltransferase Escherichia coli
TrmM tRNA (adenosine(37)-N6)-methyltransferase YfiC, TrmN6 13638617 COG4123 P31825
t:37 m6A
methyltransferase Escherichia coli
TrmN tRNA (guanine(6)-N2)-methyltransferase Trm14, MJ0438 15668614 COG0116 Q57880
t:6 m2G
methyltransferase Methanocaldococcus jannaschii
TrmN tRNA (guanine(6)-N2)-methyltransferase Trm14 46199459 TTC1157 COG0116 Q72IH5 3TMA
t:6 m2G
methyltransferase Thermus thermophilus
TrmO tRNA-methyltransferase O TsaA, YaeB 16128188 COG1720 P28634
t:37 m6t6A
methyltransferase Escherichia coli
TrmR tRNA mo5U methyltransferase yrrM, putative acyl-CoA O-methyltransferase None O32036 5ZW3
t:34 mo5U
methyltransferase Bacillus subtilis
TrmU Mitochondrial tRNA-specific 2-thiouridylase 1 MTU1, TRMT1 31542641 COG0482 O75648
t:34 tm5s2U
sulfurtransferase Homo sapiens
TrmU54 tRNA (uracil(54)-C(5))-methyltransferase PYRAB10780 14521283 PAB0719 COG2265 Q9UZR7 2VS1, 2JJQ
t:54 m5U
methyltransferase Pyrococcus abyssi
TrmY tRNA(pseudouridine54-N1)-methyltransferase HVO_1989 292656118 COG1901 D4GTL8
t:54 m1Y
methyltransferase Haloferax volcanii
TrmY tRNA(pseudouridine54-N1)-methyltransferase MJ1640 15669836 COG1901 Q59034 3AI9, 3AIA
t:54 m1Y
methyltransferase Methanocaldococcus jannaschii
Trmt6 tRNA (adenine(58)-N(1))-methyltransferase non-catalytic subunit TRM6 KIAA1153, TRM6 19923475 CGI-09 COG2519 Q9UJA5 5CCB,5CD1,5CCX
Trm6/Trm61 Homo sapiens
Trmt61A tRNA (adenine(58)-N(1))-methyltransferase catalytic subunit TRMT61A C14orf172, TRM61 123173772 COG2519 Q96FX7 5CCB,5CD1,5CCX
t:58 m1A
Trm6/Trm61 methyltransferase Homo sapiens
Trmt61B tRNA (adenine(58)-N(1))-methyltransferase, mitochondrial 222831587 COG2519 Q9BVS5 2B25
t:58 m1A
methyltransferase Homo sapiens
TruA tRNA pseudouridine(38,39,40) synthase HisT, AsuC, HisT, LeuK 123176 b2318 COG0101 P07649 1DJ0, 2NQP, 2NR0, 2NRE
t:38 Y
t:39 Y
t:40 Y
pseudouridine synthase Escherichia coli
TruB tRNA pseudouridine(55) synthase YhbA 42560511 yhbA, b3166 COG0130 P60340 1K8W, 1R3F, 1R3E, 1SGV, 1ZL3
t:55 Y
pseudouridine synthase Escherichia coli