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Traditional Name Full name Synonym GI Orf COG UniProt Structures (PDB id)



Complex Enzyme Type Organism
TruA tRNA pseudouridine(38,39,40) synthase HisT, AsuC, HisT, LeuK 123176 b2318 COG0101 P07649 1DJ0, 2NQP, 2NR0, 2NRE
t:38 Y
t:39 Y
t:40 Y
pseudouridine synthase Escherichia coli
TruB tRNA pseudouridine(55) synthase YhbA 42560511 yhbA, b3166 COG0130 P60340 1K8W, 1R3F, 1R3E, 1SGV, 1ZL3
t:55 Y
pseudouridine synthase Escherichia coli
TruC tRNA pseudouridine(65) synthase YqcB 108936020 yqcB, b2791 COG0564 P0AA41
t:65 Y
pseudouridine synthase Escherichia coli
TruD tRNA pseudouridine(13) synthase YgbO 2501601 ygbO, b2745 COG0585 Q57261 1SB7, 1SI7, 1SZW
t:13 Y
pseudouridine synthase Escherichia coli
TsaB tRNA N6-threonylcarbamoyladenosine(37) synthesis protein YeaZ 16129761 COG1214 P76256 1OKJ
t:37 t6A
TsaBDE endopeptidase Escherichia coli
TsaC tRNA N6-threonylcarbamoyladenosine(37) synthesis protein RimN, yrdC 2851671 COG0009 P45748 1HRU
t:37 t6A
threonylcarbamoyladenosine synthetase Escherichia coli
TsaD tRNA N6-threonylcarbamoyladenosine(37) synthesis protein YgjD 16130960 COG0533 P05852
t:37 t6A
TsaBDE threonylcarbamoyltransferase Escherichia coli
TsaE UPF0079 ATP-binding protein ydiB YdiB 16077658 COG0802 O05515
ATPase Bacillus subtilis
TsaE tRNA N6-threonylcarbamoyladenosine(37) synthesis protein YjeE 16131990 COG0802 P0AF67
t:37 t6A
TsaBDE ATPase Escherichia coli
Tsr rRNA (adenosine-2'-O-)-methyltransferase Thiostrepton Resistance 23S rRNA methyltransferase 136456 tsr COG0566 P18644 3GYQ
l:1067(1067) Am
methyltransferase Streptomyces cyaneus
TtcA tRNA 2-thiocytidine(32) synthetase YdaO 2495598 b1344 COG0037 P76055
t:32 s2C
thiolase Escherichia coli
TtuA tRNA-two-thiouridine synthesizing protein A TT_C0106 46198414 COG0037 Q72LF3
t:54 m5s2U
sulfurtransferase Thermus thermophilus
Tum1 Thiosulfate sulfurtransferase TUM1 51012915 COG2897 Q08686
thiosulfate sulfurtransferase Saccharomyces cerevisiae
TusA tRNA 2-thiouridine(34) synthase sirA, yhhP 16131342 COG0425 P0A890 3LVK, 3LVJ, 1DCJ
sulfurtransferase Escherichia coli
TusB tRNA 2-thiouridine(34) synthase yheL 16131222 COG2168 P45530 2D1P
TusBCD Escherichia coli
TusC tRNA 2-thiouridine(34) synthase yheM 16131223 COG2923 P45531 2D1P
TusBCD Escherichia coli
TusD tRNA 2-thiouridine(34) synthase yheN 16131224 COG1553 P45532 2D1P
TusBCD sulfurtransferase Escherichia coli
TusE tRNA 2-thiouridine synthesizing protein E yccK 90111197 COG2920 P0AB18
sulfurtransferase Escherichia coli
Uba4 Adenylyltransferase and sulfurtransferase UBA4 NCS3 6321903 COG0476 P38820
adenylyltransferase, sulfurtransferase Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Urm1 Ubiquitin-related modifier 1 45270480 COG5131 P40554
thiosulfate sulfurtransferase Saccharomyces cerevisiae