Protein Summary

TrmH from Escherichia coli

Full name: tRNA (guanosine(18)-2′-O)-methyltransferase
Synonym: SpoU
GI: 84029292
Orf: z5077, ECs4526, SF3691, S4078, b3651
COG: COG0566
UniProt: P0AGJ2
Enzyme type: methyltransferase
Position of modification - modification: t:18 - Gm


AdoMet is the methyl group donor. SPOUT superfamily.

Protein sequence:


Enzymatic activities

Reaction Substrate Type Position
G:Gm tRNA (t) Gln/UUG/prokaryotic cytosol 18
G:Gm tRNA (t) Gln/CUG/prokaryotic cytosol 18
G:Gm tRNA (t) Ile/CAU/prokaryotic cytosol 18
G:Gm tRNA (t) Leu/CAG/prokaryotic cytosol 18
G:Gm tRNA (t) Leu/GAG/prokaryotic cytosol 18
G:Gm tRNA (t) Leu/UAA/prokaryotic cytosol 18
G:Gm tRNA (t) Met/CAU/prokaryotic cytosol 18
G:Gm tRNA (t) Ser/UGA/prokaryotic cytosol 18
G:Gm tRNA (t) Ser/CGA/prokaryotic cytosol 18
G:Gm tRNA (t) Ser/GGA/prokaryotic cytosol 18
G:Gm tRNA (t) Tyr/GUA/prokaryotic cytosol 18


Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
The spoU gene of Escherichia coli, the fourth gene of the spoT operon, is essential for tRNA (Gm18) 2'-O-methyltransferase activity. Persson BC, Jager G, Gustafsson C Nucleic Acids Res [details] 9321663 -
The catalytic domain of topological knot tRNA methyltransferase (TrmH) discriminates between substrate tRNA and non-substrate tRNA via an induced-fit process. Ochi A, Makabe K, Yamagami R, Hirata A, Sakaguchi R, Hou YM, Watanabe K, Nureki O, Kuwajima K, Hori H... J Biol Chem [details] 23867454 -

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