"Mammalian Trit1 is a tRNA([Ser]Sec)-isopentenyl transferase required for full selenoprotein expression."

Fradejas N, Carlson BA, Rijntjes E, Becker NP, Tobe R, Schweizer U

Published 2013-03-01 in Biochem J volume 450(2):427-32 .

Pubmed ID: 23289710
DOI identifier: 10.1042/BJ20121713.

Selenoproteins are proteins carrying the rare amino acid Sec (selenocysteine). Full expression of selenoproteins requires modification of tRNA([Ser]Sec), including N(6)-isopentenylation of base A(37). We show that Trit1 is a dimethylallyl:tRNA([Ser]Sec) transferase. Knockdown of Trit1 reduces expression of selenoproteins. Incubation of in vitro transcribed tRNA[Ser]Sec with recombinant Trit1 transfers [(14)C]dimethylallyl pyrophosphate to tRNA([Ser]Sec). 37A>G tRNA([Ser]Sec) is resistant to isopentenylation by Trit1.

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