"Methylation by NSun2 represses the levels and function of microRNA 125b."

Yuan S, Tang H, Xing J, Fan X, Cai X, Li Q, Han P, Luo Y, Zhang Z, Jiang B, Dou Y, Gorospe M, Wang W...

Published 2014-10-01 in Mol Cell Biol volume 34 .

Pubmed ID: 25047833
DOI identifier: -

Methylation is a prevalent posttranscriptional modification of RNAs. However, whether mammalian microRNAs are methylated is unknown. Here, we show that the tRNA methyltransferase NSun2 methylates primary (pri-miR-125b), precursor (pre-miR-125b), and mature microRNA 125b (miR-125b) in vitro and in vivo. Methylation by NSun2 inhibits the processing of pri-miR-125b2 into pre-miR-125b2, decreases the cleavage of pre-miR-125b2 into miR-125, and attenuates the recruitment of RISC by miR-125, thereby repressing the function of miR-125b in silencing gene expression. Our results highlight the impact of miR-125b function via methylation by NSun2.

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