"Yeast serine isoacceptor tRNAs: variations of their content as a function of growth conditions and primary structure of the minor tRNA(Ser)GCU."

Heyman T, Agoutin B, Fix C, Dirheimer G, Keith G...

Published 1994-06-27 in FEBS Lett volume 347 .

Pubmed ID: 8033992
DOI identifier: -

The primary structure of Saccharomyces cerevisiae tRNA(Ser)GCU is presented (EMBL database accession No. X74268 S. cerevisiae tRNA-Ser). In addition, quantitation of the relative amounts of serine isoaccepting tRNAs in yeast grown on different media showed that the minor tRNA(Ser)GCU decreased while the major tRNA(Ser)AGA increased as the growth rate and the cellular protein content increased. The minor species, tRNA(Ser)CGA and tRNA(Ser)UGA, were not separated by our gel system, however, taken together they appeared to vary in the same way as tRNA(Ser)GCU. These data suggest a growth rate dependence of yeast tRNAs similar to that previously described for E. coli tRNAs.

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