"Ein neuer Zugang zu 2’-O-Alkylribonucleosiden und Eigenschaften deren Oligonucleotide"

Pierre Martin

Published 1994-12-30 in Helvetica Chimica Acta volume Volume 78, Issue 2 .

Pubmed ID: -
DOI identifier: 10.1002/hlca.19950780219

A general access to 2’-0-alkylated ribonucleosides using the key intermediate 5 is presented. The incorporationof 2’-O-‘ethyleneglycol’- and 2‘-0-‘glycerol’-substituted (ie., 2’-0-(2-hydroxyethyl)- and 2’4 -(2,3-dihydroxypropy1)-substituted) ribonucleosides into oligonucleotides affords a new generation of oligonucleotides with high affinity for RNA, high specificity, and increased nuclease resistance.

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