"The Synthesis of Allyl- and Ailyioxycarbonyl-Protected RNA Phosphoramidites. Useful Reagents for Solid-Phase Synthesis of RNAs with Base-Labile Modifications"

FeliciaM. Bogdan, ChristineS. Chow

Published 1998-01-12 in Tetrahedron Letters volume Volume 39, Issue 14, .

Pubmed ID: -
DOI identifier: 10.1016/S0040-4039(98)00157-9

The synthesis of allyl- and allyloxycarbonyl (AOC)-protected RNA phosphoramidites is reported. The use of allyl and AOC groups allows the chemistry of solid-phase RNA synthesis to be expanded to include base-labile modified nucleosides, such as acetylcytidine. The allyl- and AOC-protective chemistry can be further expanded for the construction of RNAs on solid supports and affinity columns.

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