"Effects on transcription of mutations in ygjD, yeaZ, and yjeE genes, which are involved in a universal tRNA modification in Escherichia coli."

Hashimoto C, Sakaguchi K, Taniguchi Y, Honda H, Oshima T, Ogasawara N, Kato J

Published 2011-11-01 in J Bacteriol volume 193 .

Pubmed ID: 21873492
DOI identifier: -

The Escherichia coli ygjD gene is critical for the universal tRNA modification N(6)-threonylcarbamoyladenosine, together with two other essential genes, yeaZ and yjeE. This study showed that the transcription of the thr and ilv operons in ygjD mutants was increased through the inhibition of transcription attenuation and that dnaG transcription was reduced.

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