"Synthesis and Incorporation of 2′-O-Methyl-Pseudouridine into Oligonucleotides"

Bruce S. Rossa, Guillermo Vasqueza, Sheri Manalilia, Elena Lesnika, Richard Griffeya

Published 1997-01-01 in Nucleosides and Nucleotides volume Volume 16, Issue 7-9 .

Pubmed ID: -
DOI identifier: 10.1080/07328319708006226

A short multigram synthesis of 2′-O-methylpseudouridine and its phosphoramidite derivative is described which avoids the use of protecting groups on the nitrogens. A binding study of oligonucleotides containing this modification suggest an increased binding affinity to RNA when compared to oligonucleotides incorporating 2′-O-methyluridine.

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