"A novel methyltransferase required for the formation of the hypermodified nucleoside wybutosine in eucaryotic tRNA."

Kalhor HR, Penjwini M, Clarke S

Published 2005-08-26 in Biochem Biophys Res Commun volume 334 .

Pubmed ID: 16005430
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We demonstrate that the product of the yeast open reading frame YML005w is required for wybutosine (yW) formation in the phenylalanine-accepting tRNA of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. tRNA isolated from a deletion mutant of the YML005w gene accumulates 4-demethylwyosine (ImG-14), a precursor lacking three of the methyl groups of the yW hypermodified base. Since the amino acid sequence of the YML005w gene contains the signature motifs of the seven beta-strand methyltransferases, we now designate the gene TRM12 for tRNA methyltransferase. Using pulse-chase labeling of intact yeast cells with S-adenosyl-L-[methyl-(3)H]methionine, we show that the methylesterified form of yW is metabolically stable.

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