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Full namewybutosine
Short nameyW
New Nomenclature3483G
RNAMods abbreviationY
HTML abbreviationY
Enzymes TYW4 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
Found in phylogenyEukaryota
Found in RNArRNA, tRNA
SMILES codeC3(OC(CO)C(O)C(O)3)N2C=NC1=C2N(C)C4N(C(CCC(C(=O)OC)NC(=O)OC)=C(C)N=4)C1=O

LC-MS Information

Sum formulaC21O9N6H28
Monoisotopic mass508.191775
Average mass508.489181
HRMS mass508.191227
Normalized LC elution time
LC elution order/characteristics
LC literature references
MS Data File
MS/MS Data File
MS/MS/MS (base ion) Data File
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Chemical groups contained

aminoacyl groupglutamyl
ring modificationwyosine

Reactions producing wybutosine


Occurrence in PDB structures

PDB-ID chain residue
1ehz A YG /37
1evv A YG /37
1fcw A YG /37
1fcw B YG /37
1fcw C YG /37
1fcw D YG /37
1fcw E YG /37
1gix B YG /37
1gix C YG /37
1i9v A YG /37
1jgo B YG /37
1jgo C YG /37
1jgp B YG /37
1jgp C YG /37
1jgq B YG /37
1jgq C YG /37
1mj1 D YG /37
1mj1 C YG /37
1ml5 B YG /37
1ob2 B YG /37
1ob5 B YG /37
1ob5 D YG /37
1ob5 F YG /37
1sz1 E YYG /37
1sz1 F YYG /37
1tn2 YG /37
1tra YG /37
1ttt D YG /37
1ttt E YG /37
1ttt F YG /37
2b64 W YYG /37
2b9m W YYG /37
2b9o W YYG /37
486d A YYG /37
4tna YG /37
4tra YG /37
6tna YG /37


Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
Studies on polynucleotides, lxviii the primary structure of yeast phenylalanine transfer RNA. Rajbhandary UL, Chang SH, Stuart A, Faulkner RD, Hoskinson RM, Khorana HG Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A [details] 16591527 -
A specific modification next to the anticodon of phenylalanine transfer ribonucleic acid. Thiebe R, Zachau HG Eur J Biochem [details] 5698615 -
A fluorescence assay for phenylalanine transfer RNA. Yoshikami D, Katz G, Keller EB, Dudock BS Biochim Biophys Acta [details] 5722700 -

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