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Full name5,2′-O-dimethyluridine
Short namem5Um
New Nomenclature05U
RNAMods abbreviation\
HTML abbreviation\
Found in phylogeny
Found in RNAtRNA
SMILES codeC3(OC(CO)C(O)C(O(C))3)N1C=C(C)C(=O)NC1(=O)

LC-MS Information

Sum formulaC11O6N2H16
Monoisotopic mass272.1008
Average mass272.2583
Product ions127
Normalized LC elution time * not available
LC elution order/characteristics not available

* normalized to guanosine (G), measured with a RP C-18 column with acetonitrile/ammonium acetate as mobile phase.

LC-MS Publications

Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
Quantitative analysis of ribonucleoside modifications in tRNA by HPLC-coupled mass spectrometry. Su D, Chan CT, Gu C, Lim KS, Chionh YH, McBee ME, Russell BS, Babu IR, Begley TJ, Dedon PC... Nat Protoc [details] 24625781 -

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Chemical groups contained

methyl groupmethyl at O2
methyl groupmethyl at aromatic C

Reactions producing 5,2′-O-dimethyluridine


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