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Full name2,8-dimethyladenosine
Short namem2,8A
New Nomenclature28A
RNAMods abbreviation±
HTML abbreviation±
Enzymes Cfr (Staphylococcus sciuri)
Found in phylogenyEubacteria
Found in RNArRNA
SMILES codeCC1=NC(=C2N=C(C)[N](C3OC(CO)C(O)C3O)C2=N1)N

LC-MS Information

Sum formulaC12H17N5O4
Monoisotopic mass295.1281
Average mass295.2983
Product ions164
Normalized LC elution time * not available
LC elution order/characteristics not available

* normalized to guanosine (G), measured with a RP C-18 column with acetonitrile/ammonium acetate as mobile phase.

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Chemical groups contained

methyl groupmethyl group

Reactions producing 2,8-dimethyladenosine



Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
Identification of 8-methyladenosine as the modification catalyzed by the radical SAM methyltransferase Cfr that confers antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Giessing AM, Jensen SS, Rasmussen A, Hansen LH, Gondela A, Long K, Vester B, Kirpekar F RNA [details] 19144912 -

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