Modification Summary

N2,N2,7-trimethylguanosine cap (cap TMG)

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Full nameN2,N2,7-trimethylguanosine cap (cap TMG)
Short namem2,2,7Gpp(pN)
New Nomenclature2279553N
RNAMods abbreviationΒΆ
HTML abbreviation
Enzymes Tgs1 (Homo sapiens)
Found in phylogenyEukaryota
Found in RNAsnRNA, snoRNA
SMILES codeCN(C)C3=Nc2c([n+](C)cn2[C@H]1O[C@@H](COP([O-])(=O)O)[C@@H](O)C1O)C(=O)N3

LC-MS Information

Sum formulaC13H19N5O11P2
Monoisotopic mass483.0556
Average mass483.2685
[M+H]+ not available
Product ions not available
Normalized LC elution time * not available
LC elution order/characteristics not available

* normalized to guanosine (G), measured with a RP C-18 column with acetonitrile/ammonium acetate as mobile phase.

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m2,2,7G cap is joined to the main chain via a 5'-5' linkage. Apart from sn- and snoRNAs it was found is some human selenoprotein mRNAs.

Chemical groups contained

methyl groupmethyl at aromatic N

Reactions producing N2,N2,7-trimethylguanosine cap (cap TMG)


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