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Full name2-lysidine
Short namek2C
New Nomenclature21C
RNAMods abbreviation}
HTML abbreviation}
Enzymes TilS (Escherichia coli)
TilS (Geobacillus kaustophilus)
Found in phylogenyEubacteria
Found in RNAtRNA

LC-MS Information

Sum formulaC15O6N5H25
Monoisotopic mass371.180483
Average mass371.394395
HRMS mass371.179934
Normalized LC elution time *1,14 (Kellner 2014)
LC elution order/characteristicsbetween G and A (Kellner 2014)
Mass transition-132 (Kellner 2014)

* normalized to guanosine (G), measured with a RP C-18 column with acetonitrile/ammonium acetate as mobile phase.

LC-MS Publications

Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
Profiling of RNA modifications by multiplexed stable isotope labelling. Kellner S, Neumann J, Rosenkranz D, Lebedeva S, Ketting RF, Zischler H, Schneider D, Helm M. Chem Commun (Camb). [details] 24567952 -

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Chemical groups contained

aminoacyl grouplysyl

Reactions producing 2-lysidine


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