Building block Summary

N6-acetyladenosine (BB1)

IUPAC Name N6-acetyladenosine (BB1)
CAS number 16265-37-5

Natural occurring structure:

Building block structure:

Building block characteristics:

  • cyanoethyloxy‑N,N‑diisopropylphophoramidite : n/a 
  • dimethoxytrityl: acide labile group 
  • triisopropyloxymethyl: fluoride labile 


Title Authors Journal Details PubMed Id DOI
Reliable Chemical Synthesis of Oligoribonucleotides (RNA) with 2′-O-[(Triisopropylsilyl)oxy]methyl(2′-O-tom)-Protected Phosphoramidites Stefan Pitsch, Patrick A. Weiss, Luzi Jenny, Alfred Stutz, Xiaolin Wu Helvetica Chimica Acta [details] - 10.1002/1522-2675(20011219)84:12<3773::AID-HLCA377

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